Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the most efficient martial art in the world for self-defence and one-to-one combat. The use of a range of techniques, such as joint locks and chokes, to immobilise or to make an opponent submit are based on leverage and control. This makes it easy for a weaker or smaller person to defeat a bigger and stronger opponent in any situation. At Relson Gracie Australia we focus on equipping our students with a range of techniques that can be used for self-defence as well as training for skills and competitions.

At Relson Gracie Australia you will learn this amazing martial art in all aspects from the fundamentals to the highest competition level plus the most efficient self-defence system in the world taught by our high qualified and experienced instructors. Learn and have fun in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere at the same time you develop your skills on the mats.

All levels and ages are welcome. We have a range of classes to suit men, women and children.


If you have thought of BJJ before but not sure if you would like it, come for a free trial class! No obligation. Please fill your data below:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practice

Our Trainers

Marco Gigante Villela

BJJ 4th Degree Black Belt

I have been involved in the martials arts for over 25 years. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Has been and still is one of the very most important things in my life and I imaging it will be for my whole life.

  • Muay Thai Black Belt
  • AFBJJ Referee Director
  • International and World Title Holder
  • Head Instructor at Dee Why and Leichhardt
Mitchell Bellotti

BJJ Black Belt

Jiu jitsu for me is a lifestyle – A series of adjustments to situations, learning to be closer to the best version of myself and hopefully contributing to others on that journey.

  • Instructor at Leichhardt
  • Coach, Competitor, Student – 10 years’ experience
Sean Haywood
  • Teaches in Willoughby
Fabricio Correa
  • Teaches in Dee Why
Brendhan Freeman
  • Teaches in Cobar