Meet Our Trainers


Marco Gigante Villela

  • BJJ 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Muay Thai Black Belt
  • AFBJJ Referee Director
  • International and World Title Holder

“I have been involved in the martials arts for over 25 years. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Has been and still is one of the very most important things in my life and I imaging it will be for my whole life.”


Anderson Fetter

  • BJJ Black Belt
  • Nationally and International Competitor

“I have been practising BJJ for 12 years. In this time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has changed my life. It has given me a strong sense of wrong and right, self confidence and some great friendships”


Eduardo Braga Henriques

  • BJJ Brown Belt
  • Competing here and in Brazil
  • Head Instructor at Giant Team Cronulla

“BJJ has been in my life for 10 years. No matter what life has thrown at me, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has alway made me feel good. It has taught me more about myself that I could of imagined and made me a better person for that understanding”

Jason Bellotti

Jason Bellotti

  • BJJ Purple Belt
  • Competed In Australia

“Bjj has been a part of my life for 7 years, it has benefited every area of my life,
and taught me a great deal about myself.”

Mitchell Bellotti

Mitchell Bellotti

  • BJJ Brown Belt
  • Instructor at Giant Team Leichardt
  • Coach, Competitor, Student – 10 years’ experience

“Jiu jitsu for me is a lifestyle – A series of adjustments to situations, learning to be closer to the best version of myself and hopefully contributing to others on that journey.”